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The main objective of the Public Awareness Education Programs, under the theme, "Exploring New Ways of Knowing" is to foster a new educational and cultural dialogue that more effectively increases public awareness, knowledge and understanding of the significance of:

  • the sciences and innovation
  • research and development
  • the environment and sustainable development
  • the development and engineering of new technologies,

as an integral part of our education and culture.

The objectives of PAEP's youth-focused activities and initiatives are:

  • To help youth access the world of the new sciences, innovation, and emerging technologies and prepare them for the 21st century by linking new ideas to new knowledge for new skills and careers.
  • To prepare youth for the national and international challenges and leadership in the increasingly knowledge-driven world of the 21st century.
  • To help young Canadians understand the importance of becoming part of and increasing Canada’s scientific and technological resources.
  • To stimulate and develop comprehensive ideas in youth for the new knowledge and skills needed for designing a sustainable future as being a vital part for Canada's long-term economic growth.
  • To encourage young Canadians to become involved in the development of new sciences and the engineering of innovative technologies needed in the 21st century, so that they will have the capabilities to be leading contributors in the crucial planning of economic and societal needs for global sustainability.
  • To provide information, expertise, guidance and contacts to help young people understand the links between knowledge, technology and the impact of these areas on the evolution and coherence of their society.
  • To motivate and involve young women and men so that they can explore and recognize their potential and consider the various disciplines of the sciences for responsible and rewarding careers for the benefit of Canadian society, the international community and the success of future generations.

PAEP objectives are promoted and advanced through:

A message from the Rt. Hon. Lester B. Pearson and the Rt. Hon. Jean Chrétien.

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