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Canadian International Youth Forum Highlights 1994-2003

Why Science and Technology?
Sara Seager, President, Youth Science Academy, Royal Canadian Institute
Cathy Crewe, P.Eng., Chair, Women Engineering Advisory Committee, (WEAC))
Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario
Become an Engineer with an Advantage
William H. Vanderburg, Ph.D., P.Eng.,
Director, Centre for Technology and Social Development, 
Current Pitfalls and Future Hopes
Ursula M. Franklin, C.C., Ph.D., F.R.S.C.,
Professor Emerita, University of Toronto
New Directions - Our Future
William R.C. Blundell, P.Eng.
Chair, Manulife Financial Corporation 
Past Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, General Electric Canada Inc.
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 1993
Michael Smith, Ph.D., F.R.S., F.R.S.C., Nobel Laureate 1993
Director, Biotechnology Laboratory, University of British Columbia,
Career  Investigator, Medical Research Council of Canada
New Ideas and Perspectives in Science
J. Fraser Mustard, M.D., F.R.S.C., C.C.
President, The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
Social Issues and Responsibility
Jonathan Freedman, Ph.D., Professor and Co-ordinator of the Social Psychology Division,
Department of Psychology, University of Toronto
Plant Biology - New Frontiers
Verna J. Higgins, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Botany, University of Toronto
Carreer Options, Scholarship Programs in Science and Engineering
Teresa Brychcy, M.Sc., Director, Scholarship and Fellowship Programs,
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Forum Film: Environmental Education Energy; Ecosystems;
Economy; Sustainable Development
Impact of Technology: Social Issues and Responsibility
Daniel P. Keating, Ph.D., Director, Human Development Program,
The Canadian Institute for Advanced Studies;
Professor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Environmental Education, Engineering Innovation
Sustainable Development
Hooley McLaughlin, Ph.D., Senior Advisor for Science and Technology,
Ontario Science Centre
On Being a Scientist 
John C. Polanyi, D.Sc., P.C., C.C., F.R.S., Nobel Laureate 1986
A Sustainable Society: How Can We Create One?
Sally Lerner, Professor, University of Waterloo     
Chair, Department of Environment and Resource Studies; 
Acting Chair, The Centre for Society, Technology and Values
The Human Mind/Body Connection: Fascinating Discoveries  
Donald T. Stuss, Ph.D., Director, Rotman Research Institute;
Vice President Research, Baycrest Centre;
Professor, Department of Medicine, Neurology, Psychology, University of Toronto
On Becoming a Scientist
Lister Sinclair, M.A., Author,
Host of the internationally acclaimed program IDEAS,
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
The Promise of the Land – Forum Film
Environmental Education Energy; Ecosystems;
Economy; Sustainable Development
Planetary Overload: Global Environmental Change
and the Health of the Human Species
Henry A. Regier, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto
Director, Institute for Environmental Studies
New Ideas and Perspectives in Education
for Science & Engineering
Hooley Mclaughlin, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, Science and Technology, Ontario Science Centre        
Scholarship Programs in Science & Engineering
Patricia Houston, Program Officer, The Industrial Research Fellowships and Undergraduate
Student Research Awards; Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Mind/Body Medicine: Understanding the Science of Health
Alastair J. Cunningham, Ph.D., Professor, Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto
Senior Scientist, Ontario Cancer Institute (Princess Margaret Hospital)
New Technologies:  New Perceptions - New Realities
Ulrich J. Krull, Ph.D., Associate Dean-Sciences, Erindale College, University of Toronto
Advisory Council, Canadian International Institute
Cycling in Cyberspace: The Internet & Social Interaction
David Lyon, Ph.D., Head of Sociology, Queen’s University
Environmental Science: The Bridge to the Future
Beth Savan, Ph.D., Director, Environmental Programs, University of Toronto
Ian Brindle, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Brock University
Forum Film: The Global Environment - Our Common Future
Sustainable Development -  Aims and Objectives
Gro Brundtland, Prime Minister of Norway
Visual Illusions and the Brain:
Exploring the Leading Role oVision in Neuroscience
Laurie M. Wilcox, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Psychology, York University
New Biotechnologies - Myths and Realities:
The Human Dimension and Global Bioethics
Sidney A. Katz, Ph.D., Director General, Ontario Science Centre
Science and the Humanities: The Foundation for Progress
in tomorrow’s Global Landscape for Ideas, Education and Jobs
John C. Polanyi, D.Sc., P.C., C.C., F.R.S., Nobel Laureate 1986
Progress in Astronomy and Space Science:
Probing the Universe Around Us
Robert F. Garrison, Ph.D., Professor of Astronomy
Science and Truth: Multiple Perspectives in the New Millennium
Hooley MacLaughlin, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, Ontario Science Centre
Global Directions: Science & Technologies as Yet Unknown to Us
Ulli Krull,  Ph.D., Associate Dean-Sciences, Erindale College
The Question of Life: Nature and Origin of Biodiversity
Ellen Larsen, Ph.D., Prof., Department of Zoology, University of Toronto
Science for Whom?  The Key Role of Women in the Next Millennium
Ann Shteir, Ph.D., Prof., Department of Humanities, York University
Global Bioethics: Knowledge of How to Use Knowledge
Van Rensselaer Potter, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
"Timescape" – Exhibition: A New Way of Seeing
Hooley MacLaughlin, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, Ontario Science Centre
New Times, New Scientific Dimensions:
Opportunities and Skills Required to Meet the Next Millennium
Ulli Krull,  Ph.D., Associate Dean-Sciences, Erindale College
Optical Illusions and Vision Science 
Richard Murray, Ph.D. Student
Electronics Research: A Grad Student Perspective
Fred Ma, Ph.D. Student, Carlton University
Becoming A Biologist: Exploring The Unexpected
Kowthar Salim,  M.Sc.
Opportunities in the Earth Sciences:
Making Connections Between The Earth And Its People
Godfrey S. Nowlan, Ph.D., Sr. Scientist, Geological Survey of Canada (Calgary), Natural Resources Canada
My Experience in Studying and Doing Vision Science Research Overseas
Allison Sekuler, Ph.D., Professor, Dept. of Psychology, U of T (and University of Freiburg, Germany)
Biotechnology and Its Potential Impact on Our Society:
Innovative Tools and Unexpected Issues
Ulli Krull, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry; AstraZeneca Chair in Biotechnology, University of Toronto
Developing High-Tech Biosensors: A Chemistry Grad Student Perspective
Dalia Hanafi-Bagby, Ph.D. Student, University of Toronto                                                         
Scientific Journeys to Remote Places
Hooley McLaughlin, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, Ontario Science Centre
On  Becoming  A  Scientist: "If we want today to give tomorrow’s world a real chance,
then we must give science its rightful place." Opening Lecture for the Inauguration of the 
Youth Association for the Advancement of Science, Innovation and Technology (YAASIT)
John C. Polanyi, D.Sc., P.C., C.C., F.R.S., Nobel Laureate 1986
Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto
Innovation: New Perspectives – New Technologies – New Realities
Ulli Krull, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry; AstraZeneca Chair in Biotechnology, University of Toronto
My Expectations About the Role of Women in Science,
Innovation and Technology in the 21st Century
Jennifer Corriero, Student, York University; Co-founder, Taking  IT Global
Engineering Excellence In The 21st Century: Becoming an Engineer
Beyond Technical Competence –  Solving some of society’s most important Problems by Creative Design.
Kim J. Vicente, Ph.D.,  P.Eng., Director, Cognitive Engineering
Laboratory, Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto                                              
New Science Perspectives in the World of the Very Small:
Nanosciences – Naotechnologies – New Careers
Ulli Krull, Ph.D., Professor of Analytical Chemistry; AstraZeneca Chair in Biotechnology,  University of Toronto
Thinking About Life:
Destiny from Personal and Human Genomic Perspectives
Ellen Larsen, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Zoology, University of Toronto
Don’t Bug Me! I Want to Be a Molecular Biologist
Gabrielle Boulianne, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Program in Developmental Biology; Hospital for Sick Children; Professor, Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics, University of Toronto
Smoothing The Bumpy Road to Employment in the Biotech Sector
Donna Heslin, M.Sc., Corporate Liaison Coordinator, Master of Biotechnology Program, University of Toronto
Becoming a Builder of Tomorrow’s World: Getting Involved in Discovery, Innovation and the New Sciences of the 21st Century
Ulli Krull, Ph.D., Professor of Analytical Chemistry; AstraZeneca Chair in Biotechnology, Vice-Principal, Research, University of Toronto
Canadian Space Science and Exploration in the 21st Century:
Becoming a Global scientist
Kim Strong, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics, University of Toronto

A message from the Rt. Hon. Lester B. Pearson and the Rt. Hon. Jean Chrétien.

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